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Forty-third Anniversity of Shaw University and the Twenty- 
third Anniversary of the Leonard Medical School, 
Thursday, May 7th, 1908, 10:00 a. m. 




Invocation— Rev. R. I. Walden, D.D., Henderson, N. C. 


Annual Address— Rev. Charles Lincoln White, D.D., President of Colby- 
College, Waterville, Maine. 


Food Lecture and Demonstration — Dora Barber. 

Conferring of Degrees and Presenting of Diplomas — 

Rev. J. A. Whitted, D.D., Winston-Salem, N. C 


Announcing of Prizes, Awarding of Certificates and Parting Address to 
Graduates — President Charles Francis Meserve., LL. D. 

The McKee Prize— C. M. Reid. 
The Knox Prize— C. M. Reid. 
The Goodwin Prize— J. R. Henry. 
The Battle Prize — B. H. Lawrence. 

Honorable Mention, E. B. Liddell. 
The Lewis Prize — E. L. Youngue. 

Honorable Mention, D. W. Turner. 
The Pickel Prize— C. A. Eaton. 
The Crowell Prize — L. A. Yancey. 
The College Freshman Prize — L. M. Cheek. 

Honorable Mention, E. E. Toney. 
The George Henry Mitchell Prize— L. M. Cheek. 

Honorable Mention, E E. Toney, Esther Ridley. 


Benediction — Rev. P. F. Morris, D.D., Dean of the Theological Depart- 


With the Degree of Bachelor of Theology 

Cornelius E. Askew 

Charles C. Clark 
John T. Hairston 

Ashley H. Lewis 
John if. Mason 
David B. Mdodana 

Isaac S. Riddick 
William H. Thomas 
George W. Watktns 

With the Degree of Bachelor of Arts 

Minnie H. Askew 
William B. Bruce 
Hartford R. Burwell 
Clarence Dillard 

Christine L. Graves 
R. Celeste Keene 
Thomas G. Mayo 
William C Striidwick 
Franklin W.Williams 

Zen as X.Tantsi 
William H. Thomas 
Rufus S Yass 
George W. Watktns 

With the Degree of Bachelor of Science 

\Y. Judson Garrett James R. Glover Calvin E. Lightner 

From the Normal Department 

Cassie Brandon Hubert H. Creft Viola V. Page 

William R. Brown Lillie Edwards Judge P. Stanly, Jr. 

George W. Bullock Charles W. Furlonge Mary F. Tyler' 

Conrad B. Codrington Samuel C. Medley William F. Willoughby 

Ethel R. Coleman Alexander M. Moore Dicev L. Wilson 


Mary Cromartie 

Dora Barber 
Theresa Brown 
Katherine Clark 

Plain Sewing 

Hattie Eaton 
Ellen Jackson 


Ellen Jackson 
Ernestine Pegues 
Ruth Norris 

Erne Edwards 
Marv Tvler 

Esther Ridley 
Man - Somerville 
Marv Tvler 

With the Degree of Bachelor of Laws 

Wade H. Ancrurn 
Jesse J. Bruce 

Albert E. Burgess 
John J. Frazier 

John A. Huff 
George W. Yores 

With the Degree of Doctor of Medicine 

Frank W. Avant 
William J. H. Booher 
Edward R. Carter, Jr. 
Alfred T. Chisolm 
Daniel L. Coar 
James C. Collier 
( 'harles R. S. Collins 
Charles A. Dawkins 
Ross S Douthard 
Herbert J. Erwin 
Charles S. Fisher 
Matthew S. Gilliam 
George W. V. Gresham 
John R. Henry 

Edwin T.Jones 
Benjamin H. Lawrence 
Elbert B. Liddell 
Sydney L. Martin 
Rodney B. Milliner 
Lawrence S. Mitchell 
William A. Mitchner 
Francis A. Murrav 
Frank T. Page 
M. Leary Perry 
Edward S. Portis 
James L. Randall 
A. Hamilton Ray 
Eugene L. Youngue 

Charles M. Reid 
David J. Simpson 
Nathan H. Styron 
Curry E. Thompson 
Frank J. Thornton 
Robert A. Tracev 
Dudley W. Turner 
Samuel A. Viney 
Herbert A. Warren 
Frederic H. Watkins 
Abel E. West 
Allan P. West 
George L.Winstead 
William A.Whitfield 

With the Degree of Graduate in Pharmacy 

Frank E. Bryant 
Herbert B. Grigg 

Abram J. Henderson 
John M. Robinson 
Lemuel A. Yancey 

W. Thomas Rogers 
Thomas J. Williams. Jr. 

Chief Marshal 

Professor CHARLES R. FRAZER, A.B. 

Assistant Marshals 

John D. Barnes Island Johns 

Judge B. Davis Daniel W. Jones 

Charles L. Harris James M. Mason 

Lewis H. Ivy William H. Whitted 

William E. Young